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The country is run along the lines of the, 28.03.2019Language: Hungarian
Hungary has lost its appealMagyar Hang, no.2, 2019Language: Hungarian
The Orbán régime may end much earlier, than most thinkÉlet és irodalom /left wing literary weekly/, 11-01-2019Language: Hungarian
2018 was exceptionalNövekedé, 27-12-2018Language: Hungarian
The governments of the past decade have mismanaged whatever they engaged in168 óra, 22-12-2018Language: Hungarian
Penny wise, pound foolishNépszava, 13-07-2018Language: Hungarian
The bubble is to burstMagyar Hang, 22-28 June, 2018Language: Hungarian
The PM wishes to play internationally, but over-confidence may be self-defetain168 óra, 23-04-2018Language: Hungarian
“They have found me, whenever they needed, but now am being blacklisted” - an interview to Ernő kardos.FüHü, 16-04-2018Language: Hungarian
There may be an implosion in 2-3, 26-02-2018Language: Hungarian
The bubble can burst any time168 óra /left wing weekly/, no.1. 2018Language: Hungarian
Economic, 10-01-2018Language: Hungarian
An Economic Policy, that Would Have been Modern a Century AgoMagyar Nemzet /centrist daily/, 04-12-2017Language: Hungarian
Hongrie: Orban accusé d’entretenir un climat antisémiteLe Monde, 23-05-2017Language: French
No longer in the inner circle168 óra, 03-04-2017Language: Hungarian
We do not issue fake degreesHeti Válasz, 06-04-2017Language: Hungarian
In the middle income trapMagyar Nemzet, 03-04-2017Language: Hungarian
Growth can not be generated via spending spreeHeti Válasz, 02-02-2017Language: Hungarian
For unorthodox policies EMU is a straightjacketMagyar Hírlap, 05-01-2017Language: Hungarian
„The Bologna sytem of higher education should be abolished”Diploma, 2017 a special issue of the center-left weekly, HVGLanguage: Hungarian
Only single rate taxes are OKMagyar Hírlap, 19-11-2016Language: Hungarian
How long will the grace period last?, 30-09-2016Language: Hungarian
„Investments are about to recoup”Magyar Hírlap, 2 of June, 2016Language: Hungarian
„Middle classes can not be artificially bred”Heti Válasz, vol. 16, no. 24Language: Hungarian
Hungary grew out of debt, 28-04-2016Language: Hungarian
Economic Strategy is still LackingMagyar Nemzet, 09-02-2016Language: Hungarian
Growth is, 13-01-2016Language: Hungarian
Out of the Debt, 05-12-2015Language: Hungarian
VW Scandal is Just a Short Term, 05-10-2015Language: Hungarian
„Greak deal is worst than bazaar horse-trading”Heti Válasz, 30-07-2015Language: Hungarian
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