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Európai közgazdaságtan

Európai közgazdaságtan



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Publisher: Akadémiai Kiadó
Year: 2014
Number of pages: 195
ISBN: 978 963 05 9467 7


Beáta Farkas
(Chair, Department of International Economics, University of Szeged)
Dóra Győrffy
(associate professor at the Institute of International and Political Studies at Pázmány Catholic University, Budapest)
István Kőrösi
(Senior fellow, Institute of World Economy of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Associate professor, Pázmány Catholic Univerrsity)
Tamás Mellár
(Head of the Institute of Economic Studies, University of Pécs, Hungary)
Sándor Gyula Nagy - László Vonyó
(associate professor, Corvinus University of Budapest)
Szabolcs Pásztor
(Assistant Professor, National Public Service University, Budapest)
Katalin Szabó
(Professor Emerita, Corvinus University of Budapest)
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