The New Political Economy of Emerging Europe 2 Second, revised, extended and updated edition

The New Political Economy of Emerging Europe 2

As the first edition has sold out and triggered about two dozens of critical assessments in Hungary and abroad, the Publisher decided to launch a second edition. The author on his part has decided to substantially revise, up to 40 per cent of the text of the original edition. In so doing three major items figured on the agenda.

  1. Softening up the fiscal discipline of the European Union and the flouting of the Stability and Growth pact by major member states has required analytical reflection/in a separate chapter and in revising the related arguments throughout the book/.
  2. Rejection of the Constitutional Treaty by the Dutch and French electorate has signaled the disaffection of the majority of voters with the political project of deepening integration. This has set clear limits to further accession and neighborhood policies, an issue analyzed in a new chapter and via revisions across the EU related chapters.
  3. Advances in economic theory and methodology, incorporating insights from a number of other sciences, natural and social alike.

Over and above these the author intended to reflect on the criticism, improve the line of argumentation and incorporate new insights from the literature on development, transition and on the role of institutions in shaping policy outcomes.

As can be seen from the Foreword and the list of contents, also available on this website, this second revised edition underscores the multi-functionality of this book. It is addressed to a variety of audiences. Besides economics in general and area studies in particular, students of European studies, of international relations, policy analysts might benefit from reading in part, or in its entirety, this broad analysis of the post-1989 period.

Publisher: Akadémiai Kiadó

Year: 2007

Number of pages: 396

ISBN: 978 963 05 8459 3


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The New Political Economy of Emerging Europe 2